Clutch maintenance is crucial for cars and trucks with manual transmissions. We provide clutch maintenance and replacement services for all cars and trucks.

Internal Engine

Here's what we service when it comes to your internal engine: Engine Replacement Cylinder Head Gaskets Timing Belts

Transmission Maintenance

Every Transmission requires fluid to lubricate and keep its gears cool and turning smoothly. We can schedule a fluid and filter replacement as part of your regular maintenance.


Do your suspension - struts or shocks need to be replaced?  How do you know?  There are several ways to know if they need to be replaced: Stability and Control You may feel that you have a loss of stability and control.  The vehicle will tilt from side to side even when making...
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Heating & Cooling

Here's a list of our heating and cooling services: Heater Cores Belts & Hoses Radiators Water Pumps Coolant Flushes

Auto/Truck Accessories

We offer a wide variety of services for your car or truck. Here's a list of what we can offer your next project: Suspension Performance Towing Lighting Interior Exterior

Electronic Services

We service all types of internal car electronics. Here is a list of what we offer: Check engine light diagnosis Electronic Controls Electrical Trouble Shooting Engine Sensors Computer Diagnostics Driveability Complaints Starters & Alternators Switches, Motors, Bulbs


We service all tire types!

Oil Change Service

The lifeblood of your engine is your oil.  Routine oil changes keep your car in tip-top shop and avoid long-term maintenance issues when done professionally. Check the manual of your vehicle to find out when your vehicle needs an oil change. And don’t...
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Car Care

Whether it's an oil change, lube or if you need a new filter Andy's got you covered. We also do Tune-ups as well as Air & Fuel filters, Fuel pumps, ignition switches and 30, 60, 90, 120KM servicing. We care for you car just like you do!

Under Care

What do we service that's underneath your vehicle? Here's a list of what we provide: CV Axles Front End Work Tie Rods, Ball Joints Rack & Pinion, Steering Boxes Brakes Chassis Drive-Line Shocks & Struts

Transmission Transfer/Cases

Sometimes replacement is necessary. We have more than 125 rebuilt transmissions and transfer cases in stock.

Transmission Coolers

Transmission coolers are important when pulling anything behind your vehicle. Both factory and aftermarket transmission coolers can keep your transmission from getting too hot. Make an appointment with us to ensure you are getting the best performance and life out of your...
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Transmission Differential & Reseal

Seals disintegrate over time, resulting in transmission and differential leaks. We have all the tools and parts to fix this problem early to avoid costlier repairs later on.