Brake Services

Your braking system is one of the most important safety aspects of a vehicle. Andy's technicians are trained on all aspects of auto care including brakes.  We provide our customers with an understanding of whether or not their brakes need to be replaced.  Some automotive shops replace brakes earlier than need be.  We'll assess your brakes and determine if they truly need to be replaced or can wait.  


If you do notice a grinding noise or excessive squealing when the brakes are applied this is a good indication that your brakes should be inspected and may need to be replaced.  


Another indication that your brake system should be checked include your anti-lock braking system lights turning on which can indicate that your brake fluid is low or you have a leak in your brake line. 


In addition, if when you apply your brakes, the vehicle is pulling to one side or seems "soft" which could indicate air in your brake lines or low brake fluid or if your steering wheel or entire vehicle shakes, then you could have rotor issues.  


Call Andy's.  We can fix your brake system.   Yeah, we do that! No problem.